Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Sights and Swingsets

This morning I took a bike ride to the beach following a path along a river. During this leisurely ride I noticed two things: The Benches and The Playgrounds (yes, I did just make them proper nouns even though it may seems ludicrous and they are referring to multiples...)

If I had the time, I would wish to stop at every bench we passed. This would take a great deal of time as we probably passed over 50 of them, but they seemed a little lonely, vacant, especially the ones located among overgrown grass. I imagined the landscaper positioning each bench to create a magical view. I wanted to see this view that each bench gave of the river and surrounding landscape. I knew that if I would actually sit down on each one, I would probably be disappointed in many views after holding each sight to such high expectations, but if there was that one extra spectacular view out of all those benches, I figured it would all be worth it.

The playgrounds are a different story. We passed maybe 8 along the way, and I think I stopped at 6 of them. I guess it's no secret that I love playgrounds, I even thought of designing them as a career, maybe still thinking about it! I love that they can be innovative, and encourage children to take risks in a positive way and in a good environment. The best one we came across happened to be the one that the most children were at, imagine that! It had a so many spinning features, a hands on water area, a human sized hamster wheel, annd...A ZIPLINE! Yeah, I thought the last one was pretty cool too. I shamelessly waited in a line of 3-10 year olds to try it out! I don't know how so many adults have lost the joy that playgrounds can bring. Maybe I'll understand when I'm older, but I sure hope not.

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