Thursday, 12 September 2013

Showers are for singing and long division...?

It begins with an ordinary activity.

Maybe I should clarify. When I say "it", I mean inspiration (I would have thought that is made perfectly clear, after all, they begin with the same letter right?), and when I say an ordinary activity I mean a shower. That might not be an ordinary activity for everyone, but for this kid I would say it's pretty habitual.

Now, you may have looked at the title of this post and thought, alright, this girl must have solved some algorithm or bizarre math theory that wont benefit anybody except for herself because she'll get to have something, that nobody will ever hear, named after her...Although I consider myself a reasonably intelligent being, this definitely is not the case.

This is a true story. It is not unique, and doesn't really have a full conclusion since it's a very short excerpt from my life, one that may continue to have an effect in my future in ways I will never connect! But back to the part about the story.

Showers are for singing. I must admit, I don't think I would take them on a daily basis if they weren't little echo chambers where I convince myself that my flatmates can't hear me due to the rushing water in my own ears. As the air surrounding you gets foggier we have this concept that the thoughts within our own minds get clearer. I for one think the shower is a terrible place to think. I have been told you have to write down all your brilliant thoughts and ideas or else they fade away into the air along with the rest of the meaningless steam. But then, how do you keep track of and remember your thoughts? As you might already know, paper and pencils are not necessarily water friendly. Also, it's weird to have paper and pencils in your bathroom, what will your guests think you do in there? That's a sure way to impress them (sarcasm...I use it as often as Google). Of course there's always your phone in the pocket of your jeans lying on the ground, but that is too far away, too much work to get a hold of, and frankly you don't want to risk getting those handy little electronic devices wet.......

Since this first post is way more than the initial sentence I thought I'd write I'll cut down to the chase. I was thinking about something in the shower that required some calculations beyond the capabilities of the internal walls of my head and with no paper around I used the glass door of my shower. How eco-friendly and resourceful of me, I know! After this occurrence I then thought of this sentence,

"In the shower this morning I sang and did long division."

From this I decided I would start a blog and intended it to be my first post (Fail).

Like I already said. It all begins with an ordinary activity.

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