Sunday, 22 September 2013

Make Every Word Count

The other night I stared at a word document, blank besides the prompt for the award application at the top, “300-400 word essay explaining what aspects qualify you for this award” Hmm, qualifications? And I have to be truthful? I thought to myself, "Come on I have lots of positive qualifications!" So I started writing, a few words at a time, more than I needed to in some areas and less than I needed to in others, going off on unrelated tandems as well as hitting those few, rare key points. I looked at the once blank document and began whittling the multiple pages down, cutting out the stories about sleeping in class and planning my roommates wedding events, you know, only leaving the essentials. After writing an essay where I thought every sentence was a key sentence and I couldn't possibly cut out anymore, I did a word count “754 words..." But it's not like I have a big head about myself or anything. :)

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