Saturday, 14 September 2013

All or Nothing

I think I'm often times an extreme person. I don't mean that I do extreme things, but rather, when I do something, it's to one full extreme or another. I either put in 100% or 0% I don't know how to only partially involve myself in something, so it's either all or nothing. Now this isn't something I have just learned, however I realized that this mindset seeps into more of my life than I thought. For instance, earlier, I was washing dishes and I threw the tap the extreme hot simply because this is what I've always done. (I don't know if this is to encourage me to do the dishes faster, or because I'm too lazy to find that happy medium, or maybe it's to make the water evaporate off the dishes faster so I don't have to do as much drying.) As I finish the dishes standing there with my soapy hands and scalding fingertips, I flip the tap to the extreme cold to wash my hands, because I couldn't possibly wash them in the temperature I had the tap on earlier. I think this is weird... but it is what I've always done and will continue to do, I'm sure of it.

Other (shorter) examples:
~In a pottery class in 4th grade, I never had control of the wheel because I either had it at top speed or didn't apply any pressure until it was barely moving.
~I would rather drink a frozen hot chocolate or a boiling hot chocolate than a kinda warm hot chocolate. Often times, I place my mug in the microwave multiple times to warm it up as I drink it.
~I often go days without playing my ukulele, so when I pick it up, it's usually a five hour jam session.
~Any organization, team, etc I am either a devoted member, or I quit, I can never be only kind of involved.

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