Thursday, 1 May 2014

Per Crucem ad Lucem

It's been awhile, huh?
I'll begin by wishing you a Happy Easter season!
I want to dedicate this post to telling you about how I celebrated my Easter! After telling everyone I was going to Buffalo, Oklahoma for Easter, I found out the small rural town was actually called Bison, Oklahoma. Attending Easter Vigil at St. Joseph's was quite a treat. Before the service, the priest walked out excited to light the Easter fire with a piece of flint he picked up outside of Lazerous' tomb. He goes to the back where the wood pile is and we hear him strike the flint on a piece of steel, then we hear the sound again, after a couple minutes he asks, "does anyone have a lighter?" After laugh he says, "No really..." Like most Easter Vigils, after the fire, service began with a creation story. Unlike most Easter Vigils, it included all the children of the parish proudly processing to the front with excitement and various items representing all that God created, including baby chicks, fish, and a baby sheep! In the chapel! The priest was so funny as in between the readings he would say comments like, "please be seated for yet...another reading." When it came to the renewal of baptismal vows, he has such a wild grin as he doused us with the holy water, he then continued to sprinkle the girl holding the holy water bucket and the animals at the front. It was quite stupendous, and ended the best way possible, with an Alleluia!

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