Monday, 28 October 2013

My Dear Readers

I have just finished reading Pride and Prejudice and wanted to share some quotes I tabbed. Always fun to see what I found interesting at any given time. The third is my favorite, it made me laugh the most! Sorry If they do not make sense out of context! ALSO! I wish we still spoke like this!!

1) Mr. Darcy: 'A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment!'

2) Mrs. Bennet: 'I am astonished that you should be so ready to think your own children silly. If I wished to think slightingly of anybody's children, it should not be of my own however!'
Mr. Bennet: 'If my children are silly I must hope to always be sensible of it.'

3) Mrs. Bennet: 'It is hard to think that Charlotte Lucas should ever be mistress of this house, that I should be forced to make way for her, and live to see her take my place in it!'
Mr. Bennet: 'My dear, do not give way to such gloomy thoughts. Let us hope for better things. Let us flatter ourselves that I may be the survivor.'

4) They saw much to interest, but nothing to justify inquiry

5) She expected every moment that some of the gentlemen would enter the room. She wished, she feared that the master of the house might be amongst them; and whether she wished or feared it most she could scarcely determine.

6) Angry people are not always wise.

7) We all love to instruct, though we can teach only what is not worth knowing.

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